How convenient is it to have a prop in an abandoned parking lot? The only problem is that my outfit is a complete opposite to the background. I could have gone home and changed into an edgier outfit for this particular shot but then I will have to live with Kamikazi looking daggers at me for the most part of the weekend. Because this country is a free country, he can do whatever he wants with his eyes. So. Here we are. No contrast in the pictures what-so-ever. Bland on bland. But hey. I am not complaining. Week three and I have stuck to the Thursday outfit post resolution without fail.

{Printed dress~Marshalls/Cardigan~Talbots/Bag~Westside/Sunnies~Kenneth Cole/Flats~Street side shops @ Bandra/Earrings~Big E expo}

If you have noticed I have buttoned up. For modesty purposes. The dress is strapless you see. And well. My parents wouldn't approve. Ha! The jokes on you. I have buttoned up because I felt like it. If you want to see how I have styled this same dress in an earlier post, click HERE!

I have been known for making up words as I go. 
For example: 
bloatation. As in : I am going to use my bloatation as a flotation device.
king prick. As in: A large boo boo caused by any sharp instrument.
banzit (bandit+zit). As in: A zit that molests my face and robs it of its (so called) uniformity. Plus it leaves people agast.
grossmortification. As in: It is gross and it mortifies me.
cacti puncture. As in: Pricked by a cactus that is growing like nobody's business in my house in a pot.

I set really bad examples.

In other news, we are going to Boston this long weekend. Will keep the FaceBook page and Twitter updated with tidbits about the trip LIVE! Keep your eyes peeled! Now off I go to sew some and do some laundry. Ciao!


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