Over the weekend

We spent a very fun weekend with the people we love, ate crepes and gourmet pizza, drank cardamom tea and had in-depth conversations about crap, buffaloes and butt before wickets.

I have been a very bad blogger lately. I need to be more pro-active. I need to make blogging a habit. Turn it from a mere hobby to something more substantial. To help me with that, I have come up with a plan so that I will blog regularly. To begin with, I will be blogging every Thursday. No matter where I am and what I am up to, on every Thursday of every week there will be a new outfit post in my blog. Without fail. There will be intermittent sprinkling of other posts too. With the 'Outfit post every Thursday' rule into place I pledge to regularity (including digestion), purpose and use of all my shoes responsibly and lavishly.

In other news, I was interviewed by the lovely Vanessa Kuo of Smashion. Click on the image to swing over to their site to read it.

So, I will see you guys on Thursday. With a new outfit post. Promise! :-)


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