Trusty rusty heart

My summer mood-board is filled with the color white, beige and blue, neon greens and braids. My idea of summer is lemonade, fresh cut grass and bright hues. But instead of sticking to my inspiration board I go and put together an outfit which has black and rust in it. Never mind. This is how it always is. I think of one thing and go do something else. It is like my brain and heart have a communication problem. My husband says NOT to put vegetables in his food but will I go and do it anyways. And hence the adorable nick-name 'You Are Impossible'. There are lot of little things like this that put me in a spot. I am not a catholic, but I will still exclaim, 'Jesus Christ'. I am very controversial like that. My mom tells me to go have a baby, I buy a shoe. See. What did I tell ya? Controversial. That's my middle name. Or I can tell my dad to change his name, so that Controversial is my middle name. Fat chance. Thin too.

I would like to address my new followers and let them know that I am a trouble-maker. And no. It is not a profession like candle-stick maker. And also, HELLO!! :)

Now to the outfit. Bag (exhibition in Kamikazi's hometown in India - Thrissur, Kerala), sparkly beaded flats and black linen tunic (the street side shops in Mumbai). Jeans are from JC Penney and I am wearing a Weekender tank top. Cuff bracelet from Forever 21.


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