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Like every ambitious a normal? girl, I married a very handsome guy at a very early age of 21, for the pure joy of being a home-maker, not doing much and being remunerated (for not doing much, I must remind you) by him buying me shoes. Do you see where I am going with this? What I am trying to say is: I am a spoiled brat, I set very bad examples for good people like you and you should not follow my lead (all this I will completely deny when we meet).

The point of this post is SHOES. Yes yes! SHOES! And it's something very important about SHOES. This post is about high heeled shoes, more specifically, walking in high heeled shoes.

These are my most comfortable Max Studio heels. I dance in them.

So this post is in answer to a question a reader asked me on Twitter. It very specifically said this : "Been wanting to ask u.. How DO u walk in heels?? The black ones that u have with the metallic studs in front. I got so inspired by one of ur posts and got a pair of heels ..and my feet killed me. Literally."

These Steve Madden mary-jane pumps are extremely comfortable. The only thing I needed getting used to was the height.

Well dear girl, the answer is, like everything else, what walking in heels (without getting killed) needs, is practice. And a very good and comfortable pair of shoes. The first lesson I learnt when shopping for heels is that the thicker the platform (toe area) of the shoes the more comfortable it is going to be to walk in. So, Platforms: Good. No Platforms: Not so good. And like any shoes, the first time you wear your heels it is going to be painful. So pop in a couple of ibuprofen and let the swelling go down and the second time around it won't be that bad. What you can also do is, wear your heels while doing your domestic chores. It may sound super silly, but I assure you it helps. Wear it even when you are not doing much (this is where I can be your role model, I have a P.H.D in couch  potato). The point is, more the arch of your feet and toes get used to the shoes the more comfortable your feet will get. 

So lets go through the important points again:
1. Get a comfortable pair of heels, preferably something with platforms.
2. Walk around the house in them, do some twirls, hip-hop and bhangra. Trust me it helps.
3. Carry pain-killers in your purse or better yet a pair of ballet flats in case the walking situation turns ugly.
4. Practice is key and do it with confidence. Self doubt is not going to help. Trust your center of balance.
5. This video helped me a bunch. It's nothing fancy, very simple key stuff you need to know.
6. Remember that your heels comes down first not the toe. You are bound to go humpty-dumpty if you do. And also swing your arms.
7. Up the stairs: Plant the heel and toe together. Down the stairs: Put your weight mostly on the toes and walk down in an angle. Hold the banisters or use the wall for support both times! (make sure that there is someone close by or a phone call/text away, to help carry you down the stairs, fairy tale style, if such a need arises)
8. If in doubt, go bare foot!

This is the first pair of 'comfortable' heels that I bought. Don't get me wrong I had to practice walking a lot on these babies. This studded platforms were bought from Target for only 20 bucks. Basically a steal and very good looking too!

Hope this helped. If you guys have any more questions/doubts/queries let me know through the comment section. I will answer them all! :-)


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