I am going to type the first thing that comes in my mind. Be patient with me.

Diplomacy, maturity all these words are utter bullshit. These are just stuff that allows you to fit in to this dysfunctional world that we live in. Good deeds are all you need to live this one life to the fullest. That is my one simple philosophy. I am not in this blogging business to win a popularity contest or to prove a point. I do it, because I want to. Because I enjoy it. And it is my creative outlet of sorts. Every thing in this world holds some sort of potential. I detest the word average. There is nothing average in this world. It depends on how you see it. How you look at it. How it is perceived.

Why am I suddenly going all philosophical? Why now? Because I want to let each and every one know how much you have inspired me and touched me directly or indirectly to make me who I am today. What I am today is not what I was yesterday. I keep on changing or evolving or growing with each passing day. I change because of the series that I am hooked on to on Netflix lately. I am changing because of the unique experiences I am having every day. Even when I am sitting at home, all alone, I go through an amazing experience that is changing me and my life. For the better. Every time I meet someone, some part of that person rubs off on me to make me what I am today. They shape me. A little bit of every one of you guys is in me in some way or another (not in a creepy Hannibal Lecter sort of way). Hence, the philosophy. Every time something amazing strikes me (not on my head, but in my head), it holds my fascination with people and behavior. I love people watching. It is my most favorite hobby. The expression, the outfit and the attitude speaks volumes about a facet of an individual which is tangible. The basic personality of the person may or may not fit with the outward appearance, but it is amazing to watch the show. Hey. I am not being mean. I put on a show too. I would love to live in my favorite tee and shorts all life long, but come on, whats the fun in that? I can not, not be in my comfort zone all the time. I do not enjoy keeping up appearances. I do not enjoy acting my age. I find it difficult to be appropriate all the time. But I do it. I have come to learn, with a lot of bad experiences, that I cannot have everything my way (which I hate). To get things done my way I have to learn to get it done through diplomacy and manipulation. Strange world we live in, eh?

All the junk that I have written up there is a load of crap. Especially for people who don't like reading and would rather like looking at the pictures Kamikazi has taken of me and sundry. I like you too, the folks who don't like to read. No judgement here. But this is the first time I have actually put some emotions or sentiments in this blog. Most of the time it is just some nonsensical humor thrown in to add volume to the blog post.

On to the outfit pictures.

{Old Navy tank/AE cardigan/Levis DIY cut-offs/Madden girl lace-up boots/F21 cuff bracelet}

Next post will be more light weight. I promise.

P.S.: If you haven't noticed yet, this is basically a 'thank you to my readers' post. Take care. :)


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