{Asos maxi dress and boyfriend watch/Heritage81 denim vest/Target cork wedges/D.I.Y earrings/Pencil case turned clutch from Target}

Wore this outfit on the 4th of July. I know, I know. I have been late in posting about this. But come on! Better late than never right? Right? These pictures were taken on Monday before we left to see the fireworks. Tuesday was spent catching up with old friends and driving back home. Wednesday was unpacking/laundry day, and yesterday I was out with my best friend catching up with the latest in gossip. So finally I found time to blog today and you are welcome.

You may have noticed the awesome mix-tape leather purse that I am holding in my hands. That is not a purse by the way. It is actually a pencil case. Yes, a pencil case. The kind that kids use to keep pencils. You know the one. But I loved the size, color and the graphic print plus the compartments in it are so well compartmentalized! So I decided to use it as a purse especially since its a pain in the you-know-what to carry handbags everywhere. It holds all my essentials like my ID, credit card, lip balm, anti-bac, kohl pencil and iPod. Handy, huh?

My next post is dedicated to fireworks. Stay tuned. It is a pure Kamikazi post.


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