Black and swirly

Things that come to my mind when thinking about the color black: Beauty, sexy, simple, elegant, radical, shadow, dark, light, sophisticated, mysterious, untapped, secretive, seductive, manly, feminine, hidden yet in the spotlight, infinite, royal, majestic, magnetic, alluring, eternal damnation.

I can live in this color, breath in this color, live my life in this color. Ironically makes me appreciate all the other beautiful colors that exist in this world.

{Banana Republic dress/ASOS watch/Westside bag/Talbots scarf/Tommy Hilfiger espadrilles}

I am planning to dye all my clothes to black because I love this color so so much. Crazy much? Yes. Absolute freaking yes.

These pictures were taken in my new favorite picture taking place - Westborough. Loving the silent-green-no vehicles situation that we had going on around here when taking these pictures. Also Nourse farms have the most amazing CHOCOLATE BOTTOM STRAWBERRY PIES. Do give it a try. You will die. This stuff melts in the mouth.

Did you guys have any extremely delicious dessert lately?

P.S.: This particular outfit shoot goes in the list of top five of my favorite outfits (on the blog) till date. Cue applause.


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