Foodgasms in Montreal

Montreal is foodie heaven. I ate. I died. Came back. Ate. Died again. Came back again and then blogged about it. I will take you on a gastronomical tour of Montreal through pictures. They are an assortment of my phone and DSLR, so please excuse the pixels.

Eggspectation is an awesome breakfast/brunch place that we came across on our way around town. They have a fantastic variety of egg dishes and their OJ's are fresh. This place was perfect for me because the plate offered a variety of textures, flavors and taste. I let the first meal of the day decide what kind of day it is going to be, and of course this particular day was perfect. Helps that it was our anniversary. Gosh I can't believe it has been three years already!

Okay. This one was funny. I posted about our stay in Montreal on my FB page and my friend immediately replied saying that I need to roam around the old port area and try some BeaverTails. I didn't question her (I am sure she was going for the shock value because she gave me no explanation) so we went about roaming around the downtown and met our 'other' friends who bought up the topic about BeaverTails and voila! we ate BeaverTails. They are so so delicious! Fluffy fried dough with your choice of toppings (cinnamon and sugar, cinnamon, sugar and lemon, hazelnut spread, jam, maple, and reese's pieces, chocolate and banana). We went for the apple and cinnamon and we were absolutely floored. We went to sleep after.

I had this quesadilla in one of the many restaurants in Saint Jacques Street, very simple everyday quesadilla  but it tastes so good. I love eating simple stuff, they almost always taste the best.

Yeh! is a yogurt dive. Totally cool vibe here. They have this counter on one wall of the cafe with around 8 different flavors: Original, strawberry, lime, blueberry, mango, raspberry cheesecake, pina-colada and banana. Pick a cup, fill it up with any of your favorite yogurt combinations and toppings and sit on one of them fat boys corner (they have these corners in their cafe filled with fluffy cushions and body pillows that you can sit in. Very comfy!) and slurp away the sweet guilt-free goodness. 

Kamikazi's friend suggested La Banquise Resto to us with the words, "Dude you are in Montreal, you cannot go back without having Poutine." So we tried it and we were happy with our anniversary dinner pick. No, it is not a dress up-blazer-toasting with champagne kind of place. It is just the opposite. It is a 24 hour snack bar. And it was the best anniversary dinner I have ever had. FYI I have had only three. Coming back to the poutine. Poutine is french fries topped with a brown sauce or gravy and fresh cheese curds. That is the classic recipe anyways. They also have variations. We have the Mexicane poutine which was crazy delicious. Yumm!

Juliette & Chocolat. Sigh. The whole cafe smells heavenly. Chocolaty yummy goodness. Their hot chocolates are to die for! A must visit for the sweet toothed humanoids out there.

So there. Food experiences in Montreal. In a nutshell.

On a very random note: I have to visit H&M and Zara. Soon. Or I will forget how the stores look like.

Till next time then. Bonjour!


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