Odds and ends

This is a story about a rubber band, pencil case and a red utility jacket. One day these three items, totally different in character came together to form something very unique. An outfit. An outfit when first viewed by Dip-tea's friend startled him and made him look at her again and again to figure out about what is actually going on with this outfit. Double-takes and startles ensued. Alas, no claps and bravos followed. Never mind. Because in my own mind this outfit was applaud worthy.

{F21 maxi dress/RIG utility jacket/Flats from Mumbai/Pencil case as purse~Target/Amber jewelery~Big E expo/Mint green rubber band worn as ring}

Do you guys see the 2 inch bald patch towards the beginning of where my hair part? That is actually stitches I got when I fell head first into concrete in my school compound in 4th grade. Awesome right. I remember the day I got them. I kicked and screamed and lobbed the good doctor's glasses into the trash can. Alas, no claps at that point too. My talents go unappreciated, let it be basketball or the art of being cheap (turning a rubber band into a ring is cheap). Also, my toes are totally thrilled with this new nail polish that I painted their nails with. It's called mint sorbet, and this particular color, my friends, is my current obsession.

What is your current color obsession? Do tell. :-)


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