Pizza to Die/Kill for - 5

The name: Flatbread Co. The Location: Bedford, MA.

The last time I had posted about my favorite pizza place it was exactly a year back. A lot has happened since then. Exciting, amazing and downright depressing things. Sorry. I digress. We were talking about something really important. What was it again? Amazing, melt in the mouth, thin thin thin crust pizza.

Pizza fanatics and non-fanatics rejoice. Flatbread has been created to save the world. One slice of pizza is all it takes to end all wars, fights, arguments and disagreements. For real. They make their pizzas with organic, farm fresh produce from local farms and everything is made fresh and absolute-freaking delicious. They have the thinnest softest pizza crust with the best specials on their menu that change everyday. And almost every-time I have ordered their specials they have never dared disappoint. And their sangria are so good and because they are very organic, they are very very strong and makes us very very happy. Hic! People who out there who do not like pizzas much (I am booing in my head right now people who do not like pizza much!!) you would like the pizza here too. Most of the people who do not like pizza are the ones who do not like cheese. That I am sure off. At least 98%. 1% are lactose intolerant and the rest are just plain nuts.

Picture time?

I had the vegetarian special. I always do. They almost always have one vegetarian special and a meat/chicken special. I never knew healthy tasted this sinful. I knew they tasted good. But sinful. No. 

 Kamikazi's pesto and chicken. This pizza was the special of the day too.

These are the farms from where Flatbread gets their produce from. You know how you just know that the ingredients are fresh. Their food tastes like that. Very home-made. Very genuine.

If you guys make a trip to Boston, do try and swing by. Not to be missed this place!


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