Sparkle and shine

I am so hopelessly swamped right now! We are moving to Delaware, I have friends that I have to meet, I need to finish the produce in the refrigerator, wade through piles of stuff that we have, pack, unpack, repack, throw, give-away, entertain, search for a new apartment, finalize an apartment, pick out outfits for my trip to New York for the IFB conference, have fun with Tanvi and the girls, try to settle down after, unpack, decorate the new place and be proud that I came out of all this with flying colors.

Upside: New place, new friends, new life. I feel like I am in a witness protection program without the false identity bit.

Downside: I am moving away from the people I love the most. Visits are going to be few and far between. :(

Another upside which is not related to us moving is that I am finally meeting my blogging sweetie TANVI. Yes. We met because of our love of blogs and blogging and exactly a year ago we had got to talking about how cool it would be for us to go to the IFB conference in New York the following year and meet. Like for real. And it is truly happening. Not to sound too tacky but we did book the tickets together. I am super excited to meet her and other fabulous bloggers too. If I do not keep my excitement in check I am going to totally go cray cray and cackle like a bunch of old lady witches.

Anyways getting to the outfit. On its own the outfit is very simple, laid back and androgynous. Throw in high heels and some sparkles and voila! Instant glam!

{Sweatshirt, heels and clutch~Target/Jeans~JC Penney/Sparkly leather cuff band~Send the on the middle finger~Elizabeth and James}



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