New York was a blast. Met warm, friendly, beautiful people that I wouldn't have if it weren't for the IFB conference. For those who do not know what IFB or Independent Fashion Bloggers is: it is a community of 30,000 odd bloggers who have come together to learn, teach, respect and love blogging. Blogging is made unique by people who are unique. They all have different voices, thoughts, ideas, style and personality. That is what makes blogging fun and inspiring and amazing. IFB made it possible for all these bloggers from all around the world to come together and share their own blogging experiences. Network, socialize, learn and have fun! The panel of speakers were exciting. The topics discussed were important. And we all picked whatever we felt was important to each one of us. And how can I forget the freebies! Loved it!

About a year ago me and Tanvi got to talking on-line during the then IFB conference. Our timeline on twitter was flooded with tweets about the then IFB conference. We had decided then that, if possible, we should go for the IFB conference in 2011. And we did. Booked the tickets. And everything worked out smoothly despite my moving circus. She is an absolute delight and a powerhouse of ideas and thoughts! Words flow out of her so so easily. And I thought I could talk. I stand corrected. Thanks for the great time Tanvi! :)

I have a ton of pictures to upload, so I am trying to figure out a way to post them without it being overwhelming for you guys. I will figure something out. This time we will go with my outfit post. Pictures of my outfits are taken by Tanvi.

{Target tee and necklace/F21 skirt/Send the bracelet/ASOS watch/red by marc ecko satchel/JS by Jessica Simpson booties}


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