IFBcon Part 1

I mentioned in the earlier post about how I have a ton of pictures from the conference and I did not want to overwhelm you guys with all of them. And that a solution needed to be found to this small small problem. And the solution has been found. A two part post. Easy peasy.

 Jennine Jacob of The Coveted. The women who made IFBcon happen.

 Prutha getting her hair done by KMS California hairstylists

 Tanvi is busy!

 The very beautiful Vahni of Grit and Glamour

 I had to take her picture! What amazing style!

 Ann of Holier than NOW. Isn't the dress just amazing. So simple yet chic!

 Wendy Brandes of Wendy Brandes Jewelry. It's like color and her are just meant to be!

Sparkly necklace. There is that one accessory that pulls the outfit together and she has it!

More pictures to come in the next post. Stay tuned!!


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