IFBcon Part 2

More pictures from the IFB conference. Some random. Most not so much.

The stage is set

 The stunning Coco Rocha

 Natalie of Natalie off Duty and Tanvi of The Fabulous Life

 Tony Wang of Post-Fashionism. He is ten kinds of cool. And funny!

The one and only Susie of Style Bubble

Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly and me. She is sweet, very pretty and brainy (9 months to her MD!!)

 Phil of Style Peeper.

 Very random shoes attached to legs.

 Elle mag was given away to all bloggers.

Tina Craig of the Bag Snob and Joe Zee (drool alert!) the Creative Director of Elle

All in all the trip was well worth it even when the weather was all kinds of boo. The panelists were great (and good looking too!), the seats were comfortable and the freebies made us very very happy. For more pictures of the IFB conference swing by Tanvi's FB page or just click HERE.

**All the photographs except for my outfit pictures have been taken by me.


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