Menswear inspired

Earlier this week I had mentioned on my Facebook page how menswear inspired fashion makes my heart skip a beat. Every time. That I did not mention. The every time part. Now I did and now you know. The most important and staple piece to create a menswear inspired outfit is the blazer. A blazer is the most perfect thing ever. It makes the most simplest of outfits look so refined, polished, so chic. Makes the most casual outfit look sophisticated. Classy. Now if only I had bought those Ralph Lauren loafer heels. My life would have been complete. For this month.

Outfit photographs courtesy Tanvi of The Fabulous Life
{Blazer~Talbots/Button-down shirt~Forever 21/Corduroy skinnies~H&M/Boyfriend watch~ASOS/Nerd glasses~Send the Hilfiger}

So what do you think? Hit or miss?


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