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Most of you guys know that we have moved to Delaware. This has been a topic of discussion on this blog and off this blog for the past couple of weeks. I don't think it is going to be easy to stop talking about it till we finally move in our apartment and settle down. Settle down as in, fill the apartment with furniture and do some amateur interior designing. We are getting the keys to our apartment this week and I am very excited. I always wanted to redecorate my earlier apartment after my trip to India, but we got busy and committed to several more important things in life which put the redecorating in the back burner. So I was kinda happy that we moved so that I can finally do it from scratch.

We have put a lot of thought into what we want in our apartment. Both of us, my husband and me, are very stubborn about certain things that we absolutely want and things that we don't. The major choices have been made by Kamikazi. Surprisingly. All his major choices are pretty cool and I agree with them. I am putting this out there in public so that he cannot pull a fast one and try to duck out of responsibility when something does go horribly wrong. FYI, me agreeing with his choices does not count. I am just a very good enabler wife.

Bookshelf: Kamikazi was very sure about what he wanted in the home. A bookshelf. Not necessary that it should be used like one.

Dining room: There are things in each dining room picture (posted below) that I am going to use, mix and match and try to make all of them work together. That's the beauty of inspiration. You can create a collage of ideas and call it unique, your own and not copied.

Bedroom: One rule and one rule only. It should be monochromatic.

Living room: Our living room is going to be tricky. We need to make optimum use of our existing furniture in the space provided and also try to get some key ideas from the below pictures in the mix. This is going to a tough one. And I most definitely WANT a wing chair. If I let Kamikazi have his way, he will install a very ugly looking massage-recliner-chair in the middle of the living room floor.

I also want a very comfortable nook or corner were I can chill with a book, glass of wine slash cup of java. I think we are exhausted with space already, so its going to be a dream. For now. But I just I had to share. My nook will be where I will hang out with my friends and talk about everything under the sun, moon and the stars. Where I will cozy up with my husband. Where I will troll. Dream. Be creative. Blog. Maybe even change the world.

Isn't the red stairs just amazing! I am a sucker for anything red.

These pictures are my main design inspiration. I may end up tossing some of them out of the mix the last minute but I am pretty sure about certain key pieces like the bookshelf, the dedicated picture wall and study area. I may have to scrap the wing chair idea for now. Have to get one which will complement the whole room and also it should fit my budget. So, I don't think I will get the perfect wing chair just like that. It will take time. And I want it to be an investment piece. I can definitely wait.


  1. so what did u finally do with ur new house?

  2. Got the bookshelf, we have a dedicated picture wall, painted a couple of walls red and both the bedrooms are monochromatic. There is only so much we can do in a rental apartment. Nonetheless, totally thrilled with the outcome. :)


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