The Brunch Guy

There is only one cook in our household. My husband. He can make even the simplest of dishes taste out of this world. I do not have that talent. My food tastes good just because I have made it a dozen times, learnt through my mistakes.

The Brunch Guy is a new segment that I am introducing in my blog. My love loves to make Saturday brunches and he always makes something new and different and fun every time. Today he made some Frittatas. He borrowed the spinach frittata recipe from All Recipes dot com. The only difference being he made 1/3 of the dish with spinach in it and rest without. My man does not like the leafies. He does not like the leafies at all. He also substituted the sun-dried tomatoes for potatoes. Surprisingly the dish came out really light and with the right amount of fluffy.

Saturday brunches are the best! Mostly because I do not do the cooking.



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