I am not Pregnant

Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of chicken mum!! Yes, dears. I have started eating meat again. After two years of self-imposed vegetarianism (if there is such a thing) I decided to go back to being the meat eating really bad poet that I really am. How do I feel? Horribly undigested but great! This is just a temporary phase though. I would love to go back to being vegetarian. Feel light, get back to my regular cycle and be vegetarian-chic all over again. But I have tasted bacon ladies and gents. I have succumbed to temptation. Maybe when I have finally tasted most of the things that I have always wanted to (can you believe I haven't tasted sushi yet?) I will go back to being vegetarian again.

Anyways I would like to say, "Howdy!" The cowgirl that I am. I know. I know. Long time no see and all that. I missed you guys. A lot! I have been solid busy (that's a very Mumbai way to put it!) these past couple of months. I know. Not a great excuse. I wanted to regroup if you know what I am saying. I was going through serious blogging block. But all that is gone now. I am back to blogging again. I promise to entertain.

First things first. Happy New Year! Secondly, I am not pregnant. Maybe fat but definitely not pregnant. Deciding to stay offline, not posting pictures and craving really delicious food does not mean that I am preggo in my eggo people. It just means that it's winter. Also a shout-out to Mouni. If it weren't for the tiny little chat we had yesterday, I wouldn't have planted my bum on the swivel chair to write this post.

Outfit photos!!

{H&M corduroy skinnies and tee/GAP sweater/F21 jacket/Urban outfitters finger-less gloves/Ray-Bans/Tommy Hilfiger boots/Perlina cross body bag}

We were at Poconos last weekend. The weather was perfect. High fifties! A shout-out to 'Pinky' who suggested that I take my outfit pictures at Poconos. You are right, the location is absolutely gorgeous! How cool is it that the first post of this year is in the location that you chose! :)

Thank you so much sweethearts who stayed by me and counted on me to start blogging again. It was all because of you guys that I am typing, posting and basically spewing bull-shit again. If there is a motivation it is you guys. Thanks again for sticking. Love.

A question before I bid adios. Do you guys believe in new year resolutions?


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