Colors and Boston

Third times the charm. I wrote two blog posts before this one and deleted them both because they did not make me happy. Hopefully this one will (I typed this sentence after deleting a couple more sentences) live up to my 'always not so high' standards.

I have been in Boston for the past three weeks. I will be leaving for dreary old Wilmington soon. Did I mention that Boston is my mostest favoritest place in this whole wide world. Anyways. I will miss you gorgeous weather, and you too beautiful architecture and you, my new favorite restaurants. I will also miss the green line, the red line who made my stay amazingly mobile. Ah public transport, I will miss you all so much! Most of all I will miss the people who put me up in their homes, tried hard to laugh at my irresponsible jokes and excused my bad manners (like talking while chewing my food) and called me 'little one' or 'the cool aunty'. My personality which is a living breathing antithesis in itself has a charm that only I can see.

It has been said for ages and ages that "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." I don't know who this Jack person is but whoever made this shit up was not kidding. After a very comfortable and mostly sedentary life (that I absolutely hate, by the way) I realized that I cannot be like this forever. I need to do something more tangible, more concrete, something more with substance. And which earns me a butt load of money. I am not asking for much. I just need to find a job at a place where my ear piercings and penchant for melodrama will be accepted without much judgement.

{Plaid coat~Gift by SIL/GAP sweater/Old Navy dress/Tommy Hilfiger boots/Elizabeth and James ring/Ann taylor tights/Perlina cross-body bag}

The above pictures were taken at Washington DC on one of the best winter days over at the East Coast. High sixties you are the best. Jefferson memorial, you make the most amazing setting for blog pictures.

I have been bored silly with the amount of grays and blacks and blues in my closet. I would love to own some colors right about now. Especially something in pastels. They are on my heart list at this very moment. It's sad that my hand automatically reaches for the dull and dreary color family. Need to break the habit. Fast. My wardrobe needs to be refreshed too. The only respite I have from my monotonous color group is my Urban Decay eye color palette. Lots of color there. I am sporting purple and electric blue every other day with a lot of rapture.

P.S. : The weather is just getting better and better, isn't it? I love the temperature at it's sixties. Just the right amount of sun and breeze. Small joys.


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