1. the act or ceremony of marrying; marriage; nuptials.
2. the anniversary of a marriage, or its celebration: They invited guests to their silver wedding.
3. the act or an instance of blending or joining, especially opposite or contrasting elements: a perfect wedding of conservatism and liberalism.
4. Business Slang . a merger.

All the important aspects of the wedding have been mentioned in the above definition. Ceremony, marriage, contrasting elements, conservative and liberal, merger. What you need to understand from these seemingly random words is that wedding is a ceremony or contract of a merger. A ceremony where you can go wild by blending customs and traditions with your own sense of style, humor and craziness.

I have been married for four year now. And I do not remember my wedding day. It was a big fat blur. I remember the day before and day after clearly but not the actual wedding. I am an Indian. The India kind. So the fact of the matter is (at least in my case), all the wedding prep was taken care off by the ‘elders’. I unfortunately did not have any say, except for maybe picking out the sari I wanted to wear. If it had been my way, it would have been a marriage in a court house with an after party with lots of booze, good food and really close friends. I will never say I am an expert, but the fact that I could not plan my own wedding frustrated me and I turned this frustration into a fantastic mood-board for wedding inspirations. And I wish to share them with you.

My mood-board has pictures primarily from Pinterest (they have an amazing collection of images guys!) and from all over the web. They are a combination of Indian weddings and White weddings. These two kinds of weddings are so different in every way that their beauty amazes me. But they have one thing in common, it is the one of the most important days for both the bride and the groom. (Yes, all you men out there. I have included you, all your underrated betters halves!) 

I wish to marry again. To the same guy. Have a wedding party of my own. My way. A combination of the White wedding and an Indian wedding, where we can dance Bhangra in white and have marigolds in my bouquet. Where everyone will be served champagne with mint and white sangria in mason jars. A ceremony where I can call the 20 odd people who genuinely like me and whose blessings count. Where each and every one of them are bridesmaids and best men. With whom we can talk to and dance with and have a party!

What is your dream marriage/wedding like?

**I also wish they had Pinterest and Evernote around the time my wedding needed to be planned. Pinterest/Evernote are amazing tools that you can download on your phone and also access on
your home computer or laptop when you are not mobile. Pinterest has these amazing
assortment of images that you can browse through and you can repin your favorites to your
profile. With Evernote you can catalogue and index all your wedding related plans, emails and
images that you have taken yourself.


  1. As long as you enjoy yourself Karishma, nothing else really matters! :)


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