I am drawing a blank. I had a dozen ideas bursting at it's seams this morning, but as I think of things to write in this post, I am drawing a blank. And when you have nothing to say the conversation (one sided in this case) turns to the weather. Don't you think the weather is getting sexier? With just the right amount of sun and breeze and tantalizing pollen that gives me the sneeze. 

So when I am sneezing I need to look good. One of my many simple but powerful philosophies. The aviators hide my red swollen and runny eyes and the red jacket just cheers me up. Weekend grocery shopping, here I come!

{Ray Bans/RIG denim jacket/Parasuco jeans/F21 tee/Express and Send the Trend accessories/Green flats from Linking Road, Bandra}

These are cell phone pictures. Not bad eh? Galaxy Nexus you are my new love.

How has your weekend been? We went wild in Atlantic City. Lots of booze, good food, great company and crazy fun!


  1. What are your manicure colors?

  2. bulbulvishwakarmaApril 10, 2012 at 1:56 PM

    You have got such  a free spirited style..there is something different about your style..I like I like:)

  3. Check this link out for details about my manicure :

  4. Great styling ..You look great!!


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