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I have a muffin top. And it is not cute. At all. I have an admission to make. I am a very very lazy person. I can give you ten reasons from the top of my head for why working out does not come easily to me. In the twenty something years of my existence, I never had to work out ever. I was skinny throughout my life. A very happy married life made me gain ten pounds the following year. And another ten the next year. And so on and so forth. I have (knock on wood) good metabolism. I do not crave sweets or anything sugary and carbonated. My sweet cravings are limited to a spoon of whatever sweet I am craving. Which undoubtedly makes my life easier. The flip side of me not exercising being, no stamina to speak off, breathlessness and sundry.

I admire my SIL. She has two sons. Imagine. Two sons. Yup. She has a full time job and still she manages to take an hour out to exercise every single day. And also manage a healthy diet. It's not easy. But she does it, every single day. So when it comes to working out, she is my role model. It is lot of hard work mind you. That is where my problem arises. Those two dastardly words. HARD WORK.

I enjoy exercising. A lot. The problem is getting me off the couch and walking to the gym, which I am ashamed to say, is located downstairs. This post is a lazy person's diary, who is not self motivated enough, to get her ass off the couch and exercise.

1. Problem:
Recognize the problem. For me the problem is 'starting something'. I just need to step out of the house and I won't be back till it's time to sleep. Ask my mom. She still brings back fond memories of her not being too happy about that. Same with exercise. Once I start working out, I love it!

2. Food:

I figured, okay I have issues with stepping out of the house for a considerable amount of time (I am nuts). So I started with the simplest option. A healthier diet. I am 5'5" and 135 pounds. I eat 1200 calories per day and try to burn a minimum of 500 calories per day. Which works for me. You need to figure out what works for you. I used calorie counter for a couple of months, until I figured out the system myself. After that I recognized the food that gave me problems and switched them with healthier replacements. I have never compromised on any food ever! I love my pizza. I am a sucker for anything carbs. I was a vegetarian for two full years till about November last year. I can tell you one thing for sure. Those two years where the best days (weight/health/stomach regularity wise) of my life. But I did miss my occasional bacon binges.

3. Exercise:

 Switch up your exercise. Some days I work out/dance at home, some days I go the gym (elliptical and weight machine) and sometimes I play sports (tennis with Kamikazi, for example). Keep it interesting.

4. Tools:
These tools are my best friend. Calorie counter, Workout trainer and Pandora. I work out at home every day for an hour. Workout Trainer is an app that can be downloaded on any mobile device and tablet. They have an amazing collection of work outs that can be done at your convenience, speed and time. I have my favorites: The Beginner's Blast and The Fat Burner. They make me sweat, burn my fat and help me strengthen my core. Play your favorite tracks (RHCP, Daft Punk, Gorillaz, CAKE and Massive Attack on my playlist right now). Nothing like good music to keep you motivated.

5. Motivation:

 I love wearing sexy workout clothes when I am doing my exercises. I change the color of my laces and buy some cool duds once in a while. I work out in front of the mirror. I wear clothes that flatter my figure. If with every passing day I feel good about myself, I am motivated to keep on working out. Taking outfit pictures for the blog helps too. You need to figure out what motivates you personally. My friend put up pictures of her 'Ideal Body' goal on her wall. Visualization was her trick and it worked for her! :)

Most importantly do not keep unrealistic goals. Keep your pace. I know I will never have a body like Scarlett Johansson anytime soon. So chill. No pressure. Having fun is the key.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a pro when it comes to working out. I do things that are fun for ME. Hopefully some of the things that I have mentioned above will help you some. But the rest you need to figure out for yourself. All the best loves. Have fun with your exercising.


  1. Yep, been there. After getting married I refused to even weigh myself ! 
    So, I started going to the gym and am loving it. My motivation? Sexy workout clothes as well :D


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