Our Saturday morning conversation went like this. "I want to go to New Jersey to eat Chicken Biryani," said I, with hope. "We can go to Baltimore or D.C., if you like?" as if he didn't hear me. "Biryani!" I pouted and vehemented (disclaimer: kids, there is no such word).  To which he said, "Or, we can go to the beach?" I caved. Beach is my kryptonite y'all. So we drove two hours to the beach, where we had hard liquor, soft tacos and saw pretty girls in their prom dresses. And a total of 5 weddings. I love beach weddings. They are so casual, just like our clothes. Me and Kamikazi, both of us, ended up being tee-twinsies.

 I will not look directly at the food. I won't let them hypnotize me.

 Pretty things like these get beached everyday.
{Kenneth Cole sunglasses/H&M animal print envelope clutch/Studded flats from Mumbai}

 "Back off or the shoes gets it!"
{American Apparel tank dress/F21 soft tee/Utility skirt from Marshalls}

 And I tuck my 'well-behaved' hair behind my ear so that you can see the earrings.
{Green chandelier earrings~TJ Maxx}

 Kamikazi thinks that rolling your jeans up makes you a hippie. He is so uptight!
{On him: Urban Outfitters tee/Levis jeans/Converse high tops/Fast-track utility watch/Ray Bans}

 He & I

Salt Water Taffy and Neon. My two favorite things.


  1. bulbulvishwakarmaMay 14, 2012 at 10:16 AM

    I love your sandals:)
    Beach is so much fun:)

    Elegance Stylized Blog❤

  2. your skirt looks awesome !! nice pics

  3. I've got the same pair of sandals in black !
    & I've always loved beach weddings too :D
    Looks like a fun time  !

  4. Looks like you had a great day at the beach! :)
    The dangling earrings are so tribal and amazing! <3


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