I am jobless and I know it!

A friend asked me, "You are like this really cute girl with a fun personality, why do you shop for blazers/trousers/formal wear?"

Notice, how I managed to squeeze in the word 'really' in there? Sly, eh? And how she manages to be subtle about me not having a proper job.

"Well sweetheart," I said. "Because, a girl cannot have too many blazers and trousers."

I love formal wear, I always have. I love how they fit, how they make you look all put together. I love mixing formal with casual and casual with formal. The permutations and combinations are endless.

Kamikazi took these pictures on his mobile phone a couple of weeks back, when I wearing one such combination. Trousers and tee. He apologizes for being a lazy bum and taking pictures of his wife from his mobile phone instead of his DSLR. He apologizes profusely as I give him 'the look' from the corner of my eyes.

{Tee~H&M/Trousers and scarf~F21/Leatherettes~Bon Bon/Big ass gold watch~ASOS/Mix-tape yellow pouch~Target}

The trousers are amazing. They have that extra zing. You can't see it in the pictures (insert staring pointedly at Kamikazi), but the trousers are plaid. Very subtle and very cool. Now I am going to get me some colorful bow-ties. 


  1. Haha, your making the sweetest face in pic # 3. I've never thought of pairing formal trousers with casual tops and scarfs ! Way to go :D

  2. bulbulvishwakarmaMay 12, 2012 at 2:34 PM

    I just always love the way you write..it is always soo interesting:)
    and lovely scarf  dear..loved how you mixed casuals with formals..i'm sure gonna give it a try:)

  3. tee with a trouser ? i would have laughed if anybody suggested me that before....but you rock it ! 
    and that trouser fits you awesomely !!


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