In-vested in a tennis court

This post was going to be pun heavy. I am not kidding. I was thinking of the perfect pun title for this post, because:
a) I am wearing a vest
b) The shoot happened at the tennis court

Some examples are mentioned below:
a) This outfit was a love game.
b) Advantage Dip-tea.
c) Match-point.
d) Acing the vest.

I had come up with a total of 30 of these titles. I chose to share a few because I don't want to bore your fancy knickers off.

As usual, like most of my outfits, this outfit is grey peppered with blue. You guys have to accept me the way I am, grey peppered with blue or not. I have always been a tomboy and it's kinda difficult to deviate. But I love my choices. So there is that.

{Heritage denim vest/F21 sweatshirt/GAP khaki shorts/Assortment of accessories/Tommy Hilfiger wedges}

On my Facebook page I had asked for suggestions about whether I should cut my hair or not. I have decided that I will let my hair grow out some more. The heat was getting on my nerves and taking care of my hair is a real pain in the ass. Especially in summers. I prefer washing my hair twice a week, but during summers I have to up the ante. Which sucks. Because my hair takes up a lot of my time and attention. They are not easy to manage. And frankly, I am not used to my hair being this long.

Thanks a lot for your opinions you guys. Although, my next hair cut is definitely going to be a pixie. :)



  1. You look so sexy !!! mindblowing pictures:)

  2. I love your espadrilles ! They are gorgeous !

  3. Wow. You look really nice, I love the bangles/bracelets. Also love the wedges. Super cool!


  4. I love the vest and the styling and the shoes showing hints of tangerine inside!! :)


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