Packing for Boston

Packing for a trip, especially for us girls, is almost always a pain in the ass. If it were up to us, we would have carried all things pretty, sexy and shiny into a humongous suitcase for a four day trip. At least that is what I was going thinking of doing when I started packing for my trip to Boston. Our cousin finds it incredible that I manage to look all put together and ready to party, even if it's the middle of the night (like yesterday, when we reached her home at 2 in the morning, dangling earrings and all).

Packing is easy. It takes some practice and some planning. But it is relatively easy. Especially when you are responsible for carrying your own bag. And trust me you don't want to trip on your own bag while trying to lift it up. I have put together a list of things that I packed yesterday, do give you a general idea of how I go about packing my shiz.

I always carry clothes that I can mix and match. So even if I have to extend the trip by a couple more days, I have unique outfits to wear those extra days. Switching up accessories adds to the it's unique personality. My girl Tanvi has a new post up on her blog which gives you ideas and tricks on accessorizing. Go check it our here. Add some drama to your outfit with accessories and make-up.

Ladies, it is summer. And summer does not feel like summer until and unless you bare your legs a little bit. I exfoliate and shave my legs every once a fortnight. The frequency increases in summer. Lets be real though, because I shave my legs they get stubbly in a couple of days. That means I have two whole days to flaunt shorts, the third day I shave below the knee (which only takes a couple of minutes in the shower) and wear below the knee length skirts and the fourth and fifth day I either wear a floor length skirts or dresses. Problem solved.

I carry a lot of travel size items. They are easier to carry, they take less space and they cost you only a couple of bucks. Most bath and beauty products are available in travel size. So look for them when you are in the store next time around. They last too (six months, give or take). Once they run low on product you can always refill them with your full sized products. I carry half a dozen 1.5 sample size vials of perfume in my handbag, I cannot risk carrying a 80oz glass bottle of perfume. I always dread the it will break someday in my bag and soak my beautiful shoes to death. My hair straightener is travel size too. They fit in my handbag perfectly.

DISCLAIMER: My packing skills have been learned by me through trail and error. Also, I have not purchased my collection of shiz over-night. Everything I own has been accumulated over a period of time. It takes time and patience and some more time, and then you need to make it work for YOU. Make it uniquely yours. I am not only talking about packing, I am talking about style too. I know for a fact, that I am the queen for all things casual and comfortable. Except maybe for the shoes. I am not complaining. :)

Also, check out this pretty concise post by Renu for her blog Renew-it where she talks about travelling and travel plans and packing shiz too!


  1. Ahh, the shaving situation during summer ! I used to do that too but my waxer told me to avoid that too often. You should try waxing - Painful yes, but it keeps you hair-free for like weeks !

  2. I like your packing skills. Lately I have been too lazy to plan and hence leaving behind some important stuff while traveling.

    Have fun in Boston. I still remember how we didn't get to meet last time I was there (which was 2 years ago!) WOW - Time flies.

    P.S. Thanks for the shout out!!!

    ∞ © ∞

  3. Lovely tips Deepti. All of them come handy when you pack..
    And thanks a tonne for the mention :) This is my first mention ever!! Will always remain special :)


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