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Hi everyone. Thank you so much for swinging by. A lot has changed on this blog and I wanted to give you guys a tour of the site to make sure that you are comfortable browsing through the updates. Changes are normally not that easy to adjust to, but some changes are good changes. I had the previous layout for more than a year now and it started to look very cluttered to me. Hence the change. Also change can be positive, right? Upward and onward!

A couple of things before we get started. Notice the cute icons on the top right corner of the site, click on any of those and you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook or through RSS feeds. Your pick! There are so many ways to follow my blog and I want you to decide how you want to follow me! The Google Connect is still up on the right hand side column along with Networked Blogs and Instagram if you want to follow me through those particular social media sites. As I said there are a lot of options! Also, if you want more information on who runs the blog (i.e. me and my better half) click on my picture on the right hand side column, it will redirect you to the page with the Manifesto about this site and us.

Also, right above every blog-post you will see four buttons you can use to share the love:

  1. Tweet button: If you like my post and want to share it through Twitter.
  2. Google +1 button: If you like my post and you want to share it through Google +1.
  3. Facebook Like button: Of course you have a Facebook account! No point denying it. That button is so that you can like if you like, get it?
  4. Pinterest button: I am a huge fan of this popular visual pinning site. If you like what you see and you want to share, just click on the Pin it button and share pictures, post, whatever you like!
LOVE LINK is a new feature that I have started on this blog. Every month I will post a link to the blog that I am immensely in love with. Fashion crush and inspiration galore! You can find the link below my Hello, I am Diptea picture on the right hand side column.

I think, I have covered all the basis. Hope you enjoy the blog as much as I did creating this baby. On that note, I leave you with a preview picture of what's to come in the next blog post.



  1. Hi Diptea! I'm revisiting your blog again after some time, and I love all the changes that you've made here! Glad to see new recipes, and new fashion posts! Keep up the great work!

    Love, Miffalicious. [www.miffalicious.com]


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