What's in my bag?

Today I tell you what's in my bag. Like most bags, it carries a ton of stuff. From pain-killers to totes. Don't believe me? Look for yourself!

What you will find:

Ray Bans

Guess wallet and Stylecaster tote 
(in case I end up shopping or visiting the library)

Pink lip gloss, Red lipstick and lip balm

Keys and a wrist-watch 
(I carry one in my bag, because I don't always wear them)


Pen and crayons 
(you never know when you will need to color!)

Tweezers, black eye pencil and Salvatore Ferragamo perfume vial

Pocket-bac (anti-bac by Bath and Body Works)

Comb, hair ties, tic-tacs and mini-toothbrushes

These are all the things I carry in my bag no matter what. Although come fall and winter, you will find my ear-muffs, a pair of gloves (finger-less in fall, leather in winter) and an assortment of candy, ranging from Lindt to Milky Way in my bag. As you can see, I carry really basic stuff in my bag. Basic makeup that can change my look from day to night. Pain-killers, in case my feet starts hurting wearing heels and crayons, in case I choose to go wild with art.

Now that I have showed you mine, show me yours! :)

Also, A Happy Friday and A Happier Memorial Day Weekend to you!


  1. throw in your fav sunscreen too....sun is shining bright :) !!!
    happy sunday !

  2. good post, added you to my RSS reader.


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