Youstache, Moustache?

A couple of weeks back I was doing some arts and crafts to make some fun moustaches. For photographic and totally nutty endeavors. Let me tell you, it was not a turn on for Kamikazi. He shook his head. A lot. My thirst for colors made me buy a bright orange card paper instead of the mundane black or white. Plus it looks great on camera.

What you need:
Thick card paper
Black felt
Bamboo skewers/Popsicle sticks for kids

 Draw a moustache, freestyle, on a piece of card paper and cut it out.

Stencil it onto the rest of the card paper. You can't see it clearly in this picture because I used a pencil. But you get the idea. 

I always look for short cuts. Instead of doing it one at time, I cut out all the moustaches and pasted them on the black felt and cut them out.

Paste the bamboo skewers on the back with cello tape. Get a tape with industrial quality strength. You don't want the moustache to fall off the skewers mid way. I learned it the hard way.

 Cut and paste and cut some more.

I should start a moustache making business.

And then you use it. And look extremely cool or silly. I had a reunion with my school friends after almost 11 years. They were such a sport, all these really pretty girls didn't mind using the moustache and un-glam themselves for a bit just because it was tons of fun posing with it. Thank you for the great weekend girls! It was crazy fun!


  1. The Lacquer FactorMay 7, 2012 at 2:15 PM

    Such a cute idea!!

  2. Such a cute DIY! I want to make some for my upcoming housewarming party! Really liking your blog! 



  3. Hope you have the greatest housewarming party! :)


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