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I contributed to Indian Fashion Bloggers when Miss. Cuddle Bear Princess Sonshu asked me about my shopping habits and favorite stores. It took me a while to figure out which brand speaks to me and which brand fit me the best (although both of them are not usually mutually exclusive). Right now my choice of clothing and accessories have evolved in a humungous way. If you just knew the things I wore growing up, you will cringe. For example, I altered my dad's really loose Levis and wore them with his L size shirt when I was 16. And I was a size 2 then. Don't gasp, just applaud that I am not doing that anymore.

I have made an over-exaggerated amount of fashion mistakes in my lifetime, most of them being borderline ridiculous. Although, when I look back, my choice of formal wear was always top-notch. My footwear too.

I am not rich. I do not have the money to spend on designer anything. If I want to, I can, but there is something called as biting off more than you can chew. I would rather have a savings account flush with money than spend  chunks of moolah on the current trend. That is why, you will seldom find anything that is 'IT' in my closet. By the time the said trendy clothing reaches my closet the trend is probably a year old. I bought my first neon item just last week. See what I mean? This is who I am. Deal with it. :)

My shopping store picks are very budget friendly. I try not to spend more than 20 bucks on an item. The maximum I will spend per item is 30 bucks. But it should be worth it. In Mumbai my budget starts anywhere from 100 rupees to 500 rupees per item. Although I would pay 1000 to 2000 rupees if it is a quality product.

Online Shopping:
I am very frugal with my buys and I always scout the sale/clearance section before I look at the new arrivals.

  1. DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) for shoes. Enough said.
  2. ASOS. I love the casual and trendy collection at this online store. Very cool.
  3. ZARA. Pretty neat collection and their Sale section is incredible. Lowest price point : 30 bucks! Awesome.
  4. GILT. Higher price point means higher quality designer goodies but well worth it. I buy gifts from this site. Personally, I think buying designer jewelry from this store is a bargain. They do not carry cheap junk jewelry like F21.

Size wise:
I am a size 4 who wears a size 6 because I can't get the size 4 to go up my chest. That is the reason why I find it difficult to find clothes which fit me well. Lousy fitting clothes means you look boxy and unkempt. My favorites (that cater to my size are):

  1. United Colors of Benetton
  2. Ann Taylor
  3. LOFT
  4. J.Crew
Kamikazi doesn't mind me buying full price items from Ann Taylor, LOFT and Banana Republic. It caters to more formal wear and neutral colored palette. Very guy friendly.

I love shopping at the usual suspects, although I rarely find something that fits me right. But I buy casual basics and accessories from these places.
  1. H&M. I absolutely love this store. My favorite casual chic and budget friendly buys are from here.
  2. Forever 21. Duh!
  3. Urban Outfitters. Husband sings high praise about this store. I have bought only a couple items though. They do carry really pretty things.
90% of my shopping is done at
  1. TJ Maxx. Clothes, handbags and accessories.
  2. Marshalls. Shoes!
  3. Premium Outlet Mall. This is a Saleholic's heaven. Leather Converse for $25? Check!
My favorite shopping destination, without any doubt, is Mumbai. The bargains, the colors, the ethnic prints, statement pieces, the amazing variety of Rs. 100 flat sandals! The shopping experiences itself cannot be matched anywhere else in the world. I miss haggling with the street vendors. Sigh. Shopping meant something, it's physical, sometimes violently verbal and it leaves you feeling satisfied in the end. Like good coitus.

Happy Shopping you guys! Hope this post helps you in your quest for all things gorgeous. 

Remember, shopping is a constantly evolving process.
Have fun discovering your best fit.


  1. Agree with you on so many things here. Especially about how much to spend per item; it takes me a lot to want to give out more than 20 + pounds on anything, even if I can afford it (which I rarely can, being the poor student that I am). Wise words from a wise lady, love this!

    Love, Miffalicious. [www.miffalicious.com]

  2. I loved your post, while writing it for InFB itself. Also, you are awesome. Thanks for the mention.

    And yes I agree about the not spending much part. Being a student, for me its even more :P


  3. TJ maxx is my favourite too :D
    I so miss shopping in Mumbai. That's like the bestest place on earth for shopping, eating, sleeping, hanging out with friends. Oops sorry. Got carried away :P
    In fact even now majority of my clothes and accessories in my wardrobe are from Mumbai!
    Loved the post girl!

  4. Loveeee the post .... So agree with you on almost everything .... Even I hate blowing big chunks on money on shopping ... Awesome post .. So true and practical ... Bombay is a shoppers heaven ... Sigh ... Ur new avid follower... Love ur blog and love what you have done with In Fb


    Do visit my blog


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