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Varsha aka Miss G is a make-up enthusiast. She is a riot of colors both because of her hair and also in her personality. I realized that most of us are unsure about make-up and we would like it if someone pointed us to the right direction. And I found the right person in Miss G. She, like me, is a Self Proclaimed Psychedelic Superstar. 

Without much ado, here she is, with her insight about all things make-up.

I was asked by many to start writing a blog. After tossing it around as a joke, I did consider it but then I shoved it to the back of my mind. As a fickle minded person I could never decide what I should write about. So when my school friend, asked me to be a guest blogger for her, I was a bit skeptical and excited at the same time. She said that she would love to get insider information from someone who has “an insight of the fashion industry”. Well I did find it very flattering (not going to deny that!).

So I was staring at my laptop until 3 in the morning and half asleep I asked my sister about it and she said, “write about what you are good at and passionate about!”


Being a Sindhi, I grew up in a big, fat, food loving joint family, where I felt like an ugly duckling most of my growing up years.

Although I have always been inclined towards the fashion industry, my family’s service background did not permit me to pursue it. My dad was keen on me working in a bank or in the hotel industry like him. After failing miserably with numbers and cleaning up soiled bed sheets as a house keeping trainee I was certain that I didn’t belong there.

So after graduating with majors in accountancy I decided to follow my heart. I researched about courses in hair styling and makeup and ended up doing both. I freelanced for a bit after that, and as luck would have it, I was destined to get a job with the biggest and the best cosmetic brand in the world “MAC COSMETICS”.

The magnitude of how big this company is still daunts to me. They sponsor 850+ fashion weeks a year around the globe and I am privileged to be part of a brand that “DEFINES FASHION & SETS TRENDS”. Also the fact that this company gives me a preview of the upcoming products and I get to play with them before it launches to the public is a cherry on the cake too!

So today, I sit here and write about some of the trends that are turning heads around the globe, not only in fashion but also in makeup.


Have you ever seen an athlete after their warm up exercises?  The inspiration from these athletes is dewy, wet-effect skin and dramatic eyebrows. I would die to have that kind of luminous skin every single day. So charge and hydrate your skin, pay attention to it and pamper it. Also, in this trend the look is very androgynous. So bring out your strong, full, well groomed brows and the boyfriend pants girls!

Steps To Achieving This Look:

1) Wash your face (use products for your skin type)

2) Toner (use product for your skin type)

TIP: Splash a lot of water on your skin, water is the best toner of all.

3) Moisturize (use products for your skin type)

4) Use an Illuminator. MAC offers Strobe cream/Strobe Lotion. I also love their MAC Fortified Skin Illuminateur.

5) Priming your skin before makeup not only prevents your skin from the damage it causes, but also protects you from the harmful effects of the sun, pollution and gives your makeup a better finish as it has optical diffusers and requires lesser touch ups as it increases wearability.

6) Condition your lips with your favorite lip conditioner/balms. I love the MAC Tender tones lip conditioners with SPF 12. The watermelon extracts makes it smell deliciously fresh and juicy.

TIP: Keep a hydrating spray in your handbag to re-boost the lost moisture on the go.
7) Conceal the areas that concern you the most.

8) Comb–Shape–Fill In–Set Your Brows.

TIP: With your clear brow mascara, coat your eye lashes. Forget the dramatic lashes for this look.

9) Add Blush to the apple of your cheeks.

TIP: When making a selection for the natural blush for yourself always remember it’s the color your cheeks have when someone pinches them.


Something that I absolutely want to clear before I talk about this trend is that BRONZING IS NOT GOING KAALI (DARK). It’s the most beautiful color when it’s on a golden yellow, olive undertone skin (think J.LO, think GREEK GODS) It also helps to add that perfect radiance and sculpts your natural features. Add this metallic touch on the cheekbones, nails, lips and eyes. This is one trend that will never go out of fashion.

Steps To Achieving This Look:

1) After applying your foundation and concealer, slightly dust your face with a loose setting powder.

2) Take a bronzer (usually 2-3 shades warmer than your skin color) and apply it in the hollows of your cheekbone (the area from the center of your cheeks to your apple of your cheeks) it will create a “C” shape. Blend it towards your temples.

3) Add your favorite natural blush in the tones of peaches and fresh soft pinks and soft browns to the apples of your cheeks and blend it into the bronzer

4) You can always give your face an all over shine by using iridescent powders or crème color bases (the placement for these are on the highest panes on your face)

TIP: When wearing a bronze look, try adding a bit of your loose bronzer powder to your body lotion and apply it on the rest of your body. This will not only make your skin glow but also gives it a very sculpted effect.


The third trend is, you got it! : NEON.

Curated from Pinterest

Neutral and safe colors have never appealed to me. I love my colors. I recently updated my look from a dark haired girl with gold highlights to a full blown red head. Dare yourself to try colors that are out of your comfort zone. Try hues of ORANGE, SCARLET RED FOR LIPS, GREENS, YELLOWS,BLUES and PURPLE ON THE EYES.
See the difference a simple change of hair color can make?

Brightly hued nail art.

Slash of Neon


Nouv-eau is all about the innocent romantic look. Let your date find a new you. Make him or her, want more. So try drawing your eye-liner in different ways rather than how you would usually wear.  Try cat-eyes or try different colors, think subtle blush, pastel eye-shadows and different shades of red lipsticks.


This would be the classic romantic look where your eyes are lined, you flirt with your lashes and also have the perfect kissable red lips.

Hope these tips, tricks and trends regarding make-up will help you re-create the look that you like. 

Miss G

I know which trend I am going for, what about you?


  1. Oohhh, I loved the post by Miss G. Very nice. :)
    Also going to try the neon look, havent tried neon make up so much.

    JLo look! Thanks for doing that one. Yaaaaay :P

    Brilliant post. I loved it!


  2. Thanks for introducing us to Miss G, Deepti! She is a great writer and I hope she starts her own blog soon as I am already addicted to all she had to say :)

    The trend that I like at the moment is Brightly hued nail art. Although I have not tried out the 'art' part on my nails I am all for painting them bright neon colors :)

  3. just loved this post simply says out all what we females keep looking for knowingly or unknowingly ...thanks Miss G n thanx Diptea for this guest post :)

  4. Great article & being in the same profession & loving Mac products as much as I do I can relate to everything Miss G has written. Let your articles keep educating a lot of ladies who will appreciate.

  5. thank you again dipti *bigggggggg huggggggg* & thank you everyone for ur kind words :)


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