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 I have known Tanya ever since we were in school together, and she grew up to be one of the most beautiful and stylish girls I know. When I was thinking of starting a series of guest posts for my blog, one of the first names that came to me was that of Tanya. She is a professional Stylist, and I couldn't think of anyone better than her to give you guys some juice straight from the horses mouth about all things fashion. Okay, that came out gross. I apologize for my way with words.

I now hand my baton to the gorgeous (and not to mention, leggy) Tanya Pearl Roberts.

When Deepti asked me to be a guest blogger on her exceptional fashion blog Dip-tea, I must admit I was a little overwhelmed. Blogging has always appealed to me, especially fashion blogging, but I’ve never had the time or patience to take it on full-time. This here got me real excited! For me, fashion is exaggerated comfort - You should be comfortable in the clothes you wear but they need to be stylish nonetheless.

Some women are born fashionistas! I am perpetually amazed by the their perfection in wearing and carrying their clothing so very faultlessly – Seeming so effortless. That's how style is and should be.

This season I’m totally digging the andro vibe – So very Annie Hall! How I love that film. The tricky part about dressing androgynously is finding the perfect balance between wearing asexual clothing and looking sensual at the same time. When you dress androgynously, you have a lot riding on you.  Its about not tipping over the scale too much but experimenting just enough so you garner the right attention. 

I’m a big, big bag fan. I won’t be caught dead without a bag. These days, I love offsetting my clothing with a killer boxy-bag in an amusing colour or print. Plus, neon’s are really huge right now – Fun!

Another fashion accessory I can’t do without are my nude pumps! A pair of fine nude pumps come to aid you on the days you have too much happening in your ensemble and you’re unsure about overdoing it with any additional print/colour. I stay safe with a lovely pair of nude pumps - My perfect rescuer!


I made a collage of all the lovely things I came across in the recent past and find appealing about the undiscovered side of the color green. I simply love pista, turquoise, aqua marine, jade, egg shell, moss, sea green and teal to name a few. Green, I believe has the potential to be very quirky but be mysterious at the same time.

Thanks Deepti for featuring me on your blog page! Big love! xx

Isn't she just fabulous? All the things she mentioned in the above post are my favorites. I am a huge fan of androgyny, I love boxy bags and nude pumps and green is my absolute favorite color. Thanks so much for taking the time out for the guest post Tanya. Your style tips, like you, is golden!


  1. This is brilliant - sharing with friends!

  2. @deepti such a briiliant idea... N @tanya loved the post!


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