Playing it Sage

This is how I would describe my relationship with food

Growing up, desire was not a word you used at home. For some reason it was considered not appropriate to desire things. Be happy with what you have was what we are constantly told. Which is true. We should be content with what we have, but we should let desire fuel our ambitions. When you are ambitious, you do incredible things and then you can get what it is that you desire.

I love the above statement by Sylvia Plath but it has negative connotations. It aptly describes my relationship with food for instance. It's a miracle that I can still fit in a size 6 dress.

Okay, so lets talk about the outfit that I wearing in this post. This outfit is so not me. I mean. Look at it! Girly and me? Phuey! Indian Fashion bloggers has this VIBGYOR challenge going on and they challenged bloggers to wear an outfit/create recipes, which has, at the most, five colors of the rainbow in it. The problem with this is:

  1. I do not have colors in my closet except for blue hues
  2. I do not have colors in my closet except for grey hues
  3. I do not have colors in my closet except for black & white
You see the problem? So I wore this dress which (Thank you Lord!) had all the colors of the rainbow in the print and added a red bag to it. This was the most safest of all the outfit entries that InFB got in this challenge. But, wait a minute. This outfit was out of my comfort zone! So, yay! I am the kind of person who, will wear sneakers with this dress and not wear any accessories except maybe for a big ass men's watch. After the outfit pictures were taken, I did just that.

{Valerie Bartinelli dress via TJ Maxx/Bag via Marshalls/Steve Madden heels/Earrings via SIL}


  1. You know how much I loved this?
    A LOT. okay?

    Enough said. Plus that pose is KICK ASS.


    P.S: New post is up!

  2. we love your blog Dip, because you are not one of those fashion bloggers , who own every possible brand and flaunt it, or try to ape some one else. We love you and your write ups! :)


  3. Wow, that dress suits you really well!! The shapes and the colours are really cool too!! This is a really good choice ;)

  4. Colour suits you gorgeous :) Loving those heels!


  5. You have an absolutely stunning Blog... Btw, love your outfit. You look great. Sneakers with this dress sounds crazy. :) But well, I love reading you..

  6. I love how honest you are about your style and I love your shoes :)

  7. You look like a pretty peacock. And as always, your bold voice in writing, is beautiful.

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  8. Love the honesty!!! And the outfit is kick-ass yet girly!

  9. Nude shoes with a dress always looks great, so elongating and flattering.

  10. You're so freaking cute! lol I look forward to your posts in a pretty bad way.
    I'm not stalking you...?

    You look great a little bit jazzed up and girly!

    - Shubana
    -- CoeurDecors

  11. Really liking your high bun and your dress!


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