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I received a mail from an old friend of mine couple of weeks back. It said that she went bat-sh*t crazy shoe shopping and she wanted some help figuring out what outfit would go best with her choice of shoes. After I suggested some options, she sent me her outfit pictures. And I have to say, she did just fine. I am wondering why she needed my help in the first place.

Presenting the very lovely Himshree!

This outfit is so me! I mean, look at it! Airy tee, denim skirt, comfy pointy shoe and sparkly accessories (way to go with the hairband, Hims!). Perfect!

I love the dress. The print is perfect and so is the color. A girl can never have enough summer dresses. And the sequins trim on the bolero is so very pretty. Plus, she made a very good choice with accessories, delicate jewelery et al. Hims, did I mention I love your hair? Such perfect curls! :)

Don't you think Hims, did an amazing job with the outfits?

{You must be thinking what PS stands for. Nope, not Proenza Schouler. It's short for Psychedelic Superstar. PS is a series which will shine a spotlight on readers who send me pictures of their amazeballs outfits. Their amazeballs outfits will in turn be posted on the blog for everyone to admire. Get trigger happy, y'all. Send me pictures of your amazing outfits for all to see!}


  1. its so good to see himshree after so many years, she still looks just the same :)

  2. Thanks Diptea you make smallest things larger than life.

    Thank you Miss G and Galaxy for your encouragement!!

  3. Himshree, at something always....Nice work....
    Dip-Tea, Precise, To the Point....Liked it !
    Keep up both of you :)


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