Trouser and Tangerine

Like most people, when I get comfortable with a particular kind of outfit or style I stick to it until I invent or come across something new. I am hooked to styling casual comfortable outfits around a versatile pair of trousers. I love wearing trousers made of breathable fabrics in summers as opposed to a pair of jeans. Let's face it, you don't want to wear something as heavy as a pair of jeans in hot weather. Personally, I am very anal about the fit and cut of my trousers. I love the more men's wear inspired (duh!) fit, I stay away from trousers that fit me around the hips and are incredibly feminine. I love trousers that are more boyish, cuffed at the ankles and loose around the hip area. I also love trousers with pleats in the front. A good fitting and figure flattering trousers can make or break your outfit. So here are some ideas to help you invest in a rad pair of trousers.

Tips on picking out trousers for your body shape:

  1. If you are petite, wear pants with bold colors. Going super skinny is your best bet. Wear cargo pants that are not too baggy. Repeat after me: "Baggy: BAD, Skinny: GOOD!" If you wear tailored trousers, wear them long. It's all about creating an illusion honey!
  2. If you are tall, roll up the hems of your trousers and pair them with fun colors and prints. Straight leg pants are your best bet. Keep it simple. Go for gentle flare as opposed to wide leg hems.
  3. If you have a boyish frame (small bust, narrow hips) go for pants that nip at the waist. Belt will do the trick nicely. A slender high-waist style trouser will give you shape. Drawstring pants are your best bet. You can also wear slouchy pants with tucked-in tops. (How I envy girls with boyish figure!)
  4. If you are plus size, go for for a wide leg hem to balance you out. Also, creases in the front of your trousers or thin vertical stripes will make you look long and lean. Khakis are your best bet. No fuss, no muss! Agree?

{Converse leather sneakers/Dalia trousers via TJ Maxx/F21 V-neck tee/H&M neon necklace}

The age of old myth of pairing sneakers with backpacks are long gone loves. I carried a boxy (orange) satchel and paired it with my (ink-blue) sneakers. It's not what you wear, but how you wear it that matters. And carrying it off with confidence is an icing on the very delicious piece of cake.

Style a trouser and share, mail me your ideas or outfits on and I will post it on the blog.


  1. I am loving your pants and the necklace! Great suggestions too...!

  2. I agree with you, wearing jeans in hot summers is nothing short of torture! You are looking very cool and relaxed in this outfit, your confidence definitely shows through!!

  3. Those pants are so comfy looking! I love a good pair of linen pants for the summer! Lovely necklace lady.

  4. Love the trousers, and the necklace looks gorg! :)

    You look cute, like the second pic!



  5. I love your sneaks - Want to steal them away!

  6. Covet that bag and necklace. Great tips and your trousers fit so well :)


  7. What I love most is that the entire outfit is so cool and chic. It's like punk meets Georgina ;P

  8. Love the look! That necklace is AWESOME!

    Does it have to be a new look? Can I send a picture of an old (not like from last year or something :P) outfit with trousers?

    ∞ © ∞

    1. You can send in an old look, but not older than a couple of months. :)

  9. Love the way u have styled your trousers ,,,, love the pop of tangerine ... U look cool ... Lovely trousers, they look so comfy , feel like slipping in one such pair .

    New post up ,, do visit


  10. Lady, love the pop of tangerine in this outfit. You are looking gorgeous and I love the use of sneakers here. Love love.

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  11. very easy cool chic look.

    and OMG that necklace is so beautiful, i'm in tangerine phase at the moment.

  12. Oh cute look! I love that necklace it adds just the right amount of colour and femininity to a masculine outfit!

    Daisy Dayz
    My Hub Pages

  13. Deepti you look amazing with this tangerine piece..You paired everything so well.


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