5 Hair Products I Swear By

I LOVE my hair. It hides the obviously distorted shape of my head and also hides my bad-ass, very Elvis side-burns. I thank genetics. Profusely. My mum still has the most beautiful hair, not a grey hair in sight. My grandpa would tell me that it took two people to braid her hair. Her hair was apparently that thick! Can you imagine? Totally unbelievable, right? Well, it's true. I think it has got to do with where they live. They live in a tiny town, which is basically a hill station where the food are fresh and organic, the air is pure and the water has valuable minerals in it. I remember once when we went there for our summer vacation, the highlights in my hair gained color with just a couple of hair baths!

We unfortunately live in a modern, polluted world that takes a toll on our hair and skin. It took me a little over a couple of years to figure out what products suit me. Remember, picking out the perfect hair product depends on a variety of factors.

  • Environment: Where you were born and where you are living right now.
  • Your hair type. Fine? Coarse? Thick?
  • Allergies. Duh!
  • Lifestyle. Low-maintenance or high-maintenance hair-care

Keeping these factors in mind I have customized my own hair care routine. I do not use too many products, hot tools are used sparingly and I do not try too many complicated hair styles. Also, I make sure that the products I buy have not been tested on animals.

  1. Olive oil : Twice a month I massage my hair with olive oil and leave it on for about an hour before I can take a hair bath.
  2. Coconut oil : Mum made me use coconut oil, once every week, all my life, till I left home. I hated the smell, but it did a lot of good to my hair. I use it rarely. But when I think my hair needs some extra nourishment I put a palm-full of this on my scalp and massage it in. I then fill a bucket full of scalding hot water, dunk a towel in it, wring the excess water and wrap my hair coconut oil drenched hair with it. Leave it on for ten minutes. Wash off.
  3. Giovanni tea tree triple treat invigorating shampoo : I use this shampoo whenever I do my oil massage routine. It has a nice peppermint patty smell and it CLEANS my hair really well. I also use it when I want to remove hair spray or other equally hair follicle destroying gunk that I use sometimes.
  4. John Freida radiant red shampoo and conditioner : I love this shampoo and conditioner! My absolute favorite. My hair color looks better and this product leaves my hair silky smooth. (Whenever I say silky smooth it reminds me of ZOHAN. Brrrr. I digress. I apologize.) Perfect for everyday use. Light-weight, amazing smelling product!
  5. CHI hair masque : This hair masque is a life saver! I use it once a week. It tames my fly-away, leaves my hair soft to touch and adds shine. I did not have to add a shine serum after I started using this product! A true hair saver!
What is your favorite hair care product?


  1. helpful tips...right now I am suffering from hair fall :(

    Bong's Belleza

  2. Almost similar products just different brands :)

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  3. Me too ,, coconut oil must... informative post .. :)


  4. Coconut Oil: Staying in India certain brands become part and parcel So is Parachute Oil (http://www.parachutehaircare.com/):) its a Sunday regime.


    Olive oil: I like Almond Oil for the monthly routine. it helps the hair growth and keeps my fizzy hair in control.

  5. Nice blog you got here! Tell me something about dry shampoo?


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