Casual Chicness

Off late I have been obsessed with pairing my sweatshirts with skirts. Who says sweatshirts cannot be chic? With the right accessories this sporty item of clothing can up your chic meter to infinite times ten. Here I have paired a pretty tangerine high-low floor length skirt with a neon sweatshirt and fun and colorful accessories. Get inspired!
Casual Chicness

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  1. Hey, how do you do?
    Good set for summer that you made here ;) I like the skirt with this shinning colour!! I've seen the same with floral printing on, really cool cut by the way :)
    Best regards!

  2. I like layering sweatshirts and skirts as well...just like how you did here. So beautiful!

  3. hearting those sunglasses!!!!

    great look, the chemistry of casual and feminine makes a great combi


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