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What is better than one blogger? The answer is, two bloggers who are not only besties but who also share a passion for fashion! I have been following the whims and fancies of  FASHION BOMBAY since the day that this fabulous blog was conceived by the beautiful Parveen Babi and Zeenat Aman. Just kidding. I really meant Sonu and Jasleen! It's quite easy to mix them up. Don't you think?

When I say track pants, what is the one word that pops into your mind? Slob? Comfortable? Gym? I think Jersey Shore. Don't ask me why. I just do. It's like when I look at trains, it reminds me of Batman. I digress. I profusely apologize. What were we talking about? Oh, yes. Track pants. Have you ever thought of track pants being cool? No? This guest post by the two long haired beauties of FASHION BOMBAY shares tips and tricks on how you can make your comfy track pants not only chic but extra chic.

Drawn towards comfort

Something we swear by in our personal style is comfort. We aren’t those who would wear 5 inch heels with a LBD because is the ‘in’ thing to do. We, in fact, move towards the anti-thesis – drawstring pants. Read on to know how to make your good ol’ drawstring pants stylish!

What are they?
  • Drawstring pants are the next best thing to pajamas. They are straight fitting pants with a loose string to tie on to the waist.
  • They are comfortable for a day full of running around or great companions to run your Sunday morning errands.

How to wear them?
  • Wear them casually with a T-shirt or a tunic, comfortable flat footwear and a sling bag and you are all set to run around doing errands for the day.
  • To add a formal touch wear a waistcoat, a jacket or a wrap for a more business-like look, while the loose pants adds a casual touch.
  • You can experiment with the drawstring pants by wearing it with a Kurta for a breezy look this spring.
  • Add a pair of heels or wedges and a sequined top and you are all set for a night of partying.
  • Try to break the monotony of your clothes and widen the horizons of your wardrobe. Just because your drawstring pants seem too casual, that doesn't mean that you can’t wear them everywhere. Add some spunk to it either with accessories or a bright top.

What to buy?
  • Don't think about tacky track pants literally, all high street brands like Zara, United Colors of Benetton, Mango and many others are showcasing these elastic pants with tie-up cords for the season. You will find them in jersey materials and slightly textured stretch fabrics that you can choose from including harem-pants like style or pleated trouser styles. Beige, black, navy, brown are your regular colors to pick from. They are not only extremely comfortable for everyday wear and travel but also make a great fashion statement when paired with other chic garments.

Experiment with:

1. With a blazer:

Wear your sweatpants with a blazer in linen, velvet or cotton. Structured blazers, boyfriend blazers and jackets with shoulder pads should be your preference. Team it with a pair of old-school Oxfords and a sling bag and you'll look chic and stylish. A colourful graphic tee inside in a bright colour can look great for the look.

2. With a tunic/ dress:

Pair your boring tunic in any solid colour with your sweatpants and add curves with a belt on your waist. The loose and loose silhouette combination is very fashionable this season so throw away the leggings-with-tunic pairs out of your wardrobe. Wear nude wedges and carry a tote for maximum effect.

3. With an old-fashioned shirt:

Bring out your silk blouses, sheer shirts, ruffled shirts and chiffon and crepes to wear for this look. Complete with pearls or gold links and block heel pumps this look makes a great option for work wear as well. Alternate between a hobo and a clutch bag for day and evening looks respectively.

4. With an asymmetrical cape:

Capes in cotton and jersey materials look great with sweatpants and ballerinas for a casual shopping or lunch look. Pair with a statement
 neck piece to make the best out of this look.

Since you now have four solid reasons to buy yourself a pair, what are you waiting for?


"Where is my track pant bro?" I asked out loud. My hubs threw mine in my face. He is not amused.
{Guy: 1 / Guy repelling outfit: 0}


  1. Yay! So cool to read our article on your fab site :)
    Thanks for featuring us and oh of course all the kind words. We are literally blushing :)

  2. can never have enough of them-Sonu and Jasleen, i mean! :)

  3. Great post guys. I agree with Miss D, I've always been very ambivalent about track pants, so this is a great styling post. Thanks guys!

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  4. Really cool jackets on those picture!! My favourite one is the third, I love the coloured wears!!


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