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Jen is one of the few friends who has been consistently following my blog since it's time of conception. So when I thought of starting a guest blogging segment on this blog, I was pretty sure that I wanted her to write a post and give her a platform to talk about her favorite things. I want my readers to be able to use my blog as a platform to talk about what they love. I love the fact that Jen's style is very easy, relatable and 'convenient'. I also love the fact that her style, like her, is laid back, light on our collective pockets and can be easily mixed and matched. This reader spills her beans on her personal fashion.

I love that fashion blogging has really bloomed, and celebrates the quirkiness in everyone. It is all about being who you are and expressing yourself in the way you dress! Now that I have said that, I must tell you I am not always trendily dressed and I have never written about fashion before, but I wanted to and Dip-tea provided the perfect opportunity: her ultra-amazing blog!!! Yes she told me I could blog about anything I wanted to, but I am always on the look- out for comfy yet versatile outfit combos, so why not blog about it eh?! Anyway here goes nothing…

Baubles: Oh I LOVE, absolutely LOVE accessories! Keep a variety of earrings on hand, to pair with a lot of the casual outfits that you wear (Jeans/capris, and a tee). They add dimensions to an outfit in more ways than one! Chandelier earrings are my go-to pieces for basically anything that doesn’t have to do with work!

Bags: Crossbody bags, I am very, very  partial to them! Most-convenient-bag-ever! Hands-free to shop, juggle keys, a phone and a coffee, to carry luggage, to pick up groceries… You can always reach into it, ride a bike with it, yet never have it out of sight, and …oh well you get the picture, I really like them! My favorite one right now is a Fossil Key-per crossbody I got as a gift…brings a tear to my eye, it does! Sniff!
And yes, of course, since cross bodies don’t hold everything, the next bag I am partial to is a hold-it-all. More colorful and bigger the better. I use these for running errands, and library trips (I love picking up heavy volumes).

Outfits:When I shop I like to pick a few versatile outfits that I can mix and match. Like Dip-Tea, I am very partial to Blazers and jackets that make a statement. Somehow, they help pull an outfit together on days when you don’t have too much time to dress up … That’s why the outfit ideas I’ve thrown together for this post all have that day-to-night transition theme. That is how I love to dress! I will admit they don’t turn into full on, fancy-shmancy, la-di-dah party outfits, but they work.

On that note, here are some outfit ideas (these are based on similar items I own/ would wear): 

 This is an outfit I would wear on a trip to the library, and then just change my accessories and shoes for dinner/coffee with friends!

I like these printed capris by Old Navy! For day wear pair them with a white tee, a backpack and kicks. Quick change to a lace top, a hot pink cross body, and accessories that add a pop of color!

Another outfit combo that can go from casual to semi-formal (swap the off-white sandals for pumps, voila!).

And finally, some accessory combinations to try! The first set would go great with a polka dotted dress (very Taylor Swift actually, now that I think of it), the second one with a hot pink outfit, the neon & black set with jeans and a tee, and finally the cobalt set with a menswear inspired outfit.

You know, when hard-pressed for time, my main goal while dressing up is to wear things that are comfy, weather & work-appropriate, and still presentable…sigh…But, I do make that extra effort as often as I can, and it is fabulous bloggers like Dip-Tea that keep me motivated to take that extra minute of time to really polish my look! 


**Almost all items sourced from Polyvore. ( Also from Old Navy, J crew, H&M online stores. Outfit collages created by Jen using 


  1. Hey, I like the first set she created!! The baskets are really cool with the whole ensemble :)

  2. Love them all, specially the accessories!

  3. I'm so in love with all of these! specially those printed capris!


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