Maxi and Me

Zits have been playing a large part in my life right now, I could have very easily Photoshopped it out of my face, but I decided to keep it. It is a part of me after all. This is me. An imperfect me. A me, that you need to see. Zit and all. In a maxi, a neon striped maxi nonetheless. 

I should have named this post, A Lady with a Zit in a Neon Maxi. But I like the more romantic ring in the current title.

Disclaimer: Puns in my posts are all intended. Also, I have worn this outfit once before, to the Coldplay concert. Consider yourself fully disclosed.

{Maxi via TJ Maxx/F21 sweatshirt/Nine West bag/Accessories from GAP, Express and H&M}


  1. I love this maxi dress. The stripes going everywhere look great. You look stunning as always. Wit zits, without zits, You look fab! :)

  2. Love the maxi on you. No one is perfect and I like the fact that you don't want to be either! :)

  3. Love the print, D. You're looking gorgeous.

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  4. The printed maxi skirt is really cool!! i like the stripes going in every directions, so trendy :)

  5. nice post.


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