15 days of dipstagr.am

For your viewing pleasure, my life through my phone lens and instagr.am, from this past fortnight. All the things I love including food, cute kids, the color of the traffic cone and shoes.


  1. where were these taken? I am loving the neon bracelet!!


  2. I always love seeing people's pictures through instagram. It is truly a reflection of life on an everyday basis. Love those stacked up necklaces- they're cute!

  3. hinki...ur new do reminds me of the childhood you...but total rockstar chic style now...loved the arm candy too...keep rockin sistah

  4. hello, i just discovered your blog, and absolutely love it! now following you on bloglovin and facebook.

    it would be great if you checked out our blog and followed back, it would be great to keep in touch!



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