A Modest way to wear Sheer

We all love sheer. Sheer is beautiful, has the most amazing texture, is light-weight and glamorous. But not all of us are comfortable wearing sheer. Modesty is an issue that I have with this unbelievably gorgeous fabric, but I found the most amazing layered tank that solves the problem. You can wear a tank under a over-sized sheer blouse to achieve a similar look! I carried the colors from the shorts (Yes, my obsession with tribal prints continues) to the accessories to keep things interested. We don't want the outfit to be boring now, do we?

Modest Sheer

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  1. Sheer kinda covers the flab too ;) Great tip there!

    1. Hee hee. Especially when it's blousey. :)

  2. I definitely love the post and the way you have put the look together. :)

    Also, the shoes are prettttty.



    New post is up! :)

  3. Those printed shorts are my favourite! I love the colours.


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