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For those of you who do not know, we have our favorite nephews visiting us and therefore we are ten kinds of busy-ness right now. I haven't had time to open my laptop, let alone touch it this past fortnight. Since blogging for me right now is a no-go, for the interim period, I have the greatest of friends blogging for me, temporarily of course. 

Introducing Miss Amena of Fashionopolis. I absolutely love this woman's flippant, funny, sarcastic and humor-heavy writing style. Her post ideas being equally funny and entertaining. Here she is talking about one of those many things that happen to bloggers. Like their five friends. Enjoy!


 I have a friend who keeps referring to this guy from her office as her ‘work husband’. For a girl who can’t seem to meet a nice guy in real life, she has had 3 different ‘work husbands’ so far. Never having one myself-work or otherwise-for the life of me I really did not understand what the heck was a ‘work husband’. When I asked her about it, she gave me this huge explanation as to what it really is but the end meaning is some who acts and performs the duties of a spouse at the work place, most of the times without conjugal rights.

This got me thinking- do fashion bloggers have work husband/wife? Most of the times, blogging is a one man/woman’s show. The real question to ask is, in the blogging world who is that one person performing the duty of a metaphorical spouse?

And as I looked around for my ‘blogging husband’, it dawned on me we bloggers really can’t have one spouse. We just can’t! So, short of committing blogging polygamy I realized instead of spouses we bloggers have friends. They are like your real life friend, but not always bound to you by any code of friendship or anything. 

1. The Bestie: Just like Sheldon has his Leonard, we bloggers too have our bestie aka our trusted photographer. Any fashion blogger worth it’s salt will tell you what an important role a photographer plays. They bear with our diva attitude, or drama queen moments and literally put on a brave face and endure the dirty looks given by passerby as they continue to happily click our photos. Make that 200-300 photos.
Bestie is someone who knows and understands you as much as you understand yourself, even more so most of the time. In that sense your blogging bestie can be anyone- your real life best friend, your mom, your husband, your cousin etc. Only someone who completely understands you will have the potential to make you look like a cover girl even when you are channeling your inner ugly ducking.

2. The Frenemy: We all have one such person who acts as a friend and an enemy at the same time. One has to just look at the equation between Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte to understand the love and hate dynamics of a frenemy. In the fashion blogging world, the frenemies are P.R people. We need them and they need us, but both hate to admit it. They send us offensive mails with incorrect names and holier than thou attitude and we give them the metaphorical figure by ignoring their request. But, as much as we hate to acknowledge it, without them it would be far more difficult to make our mark. So, we continue to carry on with this twisted friendship for the peace and betterment of the fashion world.

3. The 3 A.M Friend: Bloggers, especially fashion bloggers by nature are dramatic people. We are! And like every drama queen we have our major moments- ‘I can’t write anymore’. ‘This outfit makes me look so fat’. ‘God, I have the worlds worst hair!’ ‘How come she got invited to that event and not me?’  ‘That bitch stole my idea’. Sounds familiar? And you know who has heard it all? The same person to whom you said the golden words for the very first time- ‘I think I will start a fashion blog’. That one friend, who is your strongest believer and supporter and on whom you can rely on at all times, your loyalist, most bestest friend.

 Mostly belonging to the outside world, but staying with you know exactly what ‘mustard’ and ‘lime’ mean in your world. Sometimes performing the role of a photographer, confidante, plus one, cheerleader and more often than not the voice of sanity.

4.The Buddy: Blogging on most days is a solitary business. While your friends and family support you they honestly don’t get your anxiety over things like ‘traffic’ and ‘followers’. And while you rant to the world at large about your blogging woes there is only one other person who will completely understand and sympathize with you. It is someone who faces the same issues on a day-to-day basis. Say hello to your ‘Blogger Buddy’, a friend from the world of blogging who like you is trying to make its presence felt in the blogosphere. From Pinterest addiction to lack of inspiration, they too have been there, done that and completely understand you. Whether you know him/her personally or it’s just a virtual connection a blogger is incomplete with its blogging buddy.

5. Friend With Benefit: We all have certain urges that need to be fulfilled. And when you can’t do it yourself you need to call ‘that friend’ to help you out. Us bloggers have these urges once a year, commonly know was the blog makeover. That is when we call upon the benefits of our web designer friends. Yep, that’s exactly the best way to describe a blogger’s relationship with a web designer. We annually meet up to update and redesign the blog. While that is happening we indulge in mindless chitchat about the weather and current events say let’s meet-up for a drink someday and as soon as the update is over we forget about the web designer and the drink date. Until the update urge strikes again. And then the same story starts over! Sometimes we are ecstatic with our web designer’s performance other times we hate how they would not follow instructions but most of the times it is mutually satisfying equation.

Tennessee Williams wisely said: “Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.”  While we fashion bloggers may not get the pleasure of having a ‘work husband’ or ‘office spouse’ we sure do have the privilege of a dependable friend circle.


  1. Loved this post, but love the girl even more. Thanks for picking Amena, Dips.

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  2. Awesome!!! I totally love her!! My best blogger buddy I must say!!!


  3. Hey Deepti, thank you for all your kind words & for inviting me to do this post. It means a lot to me. Thank you my darling Arathi, love you right back. And thank you Ritcha, believe me the feeling is absolutely mutual. Love you too.
    Happy Blogging,
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