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Arathi is an amazing writer. Some of my favorite bookmarked articles are written by her, both for her blog and a couple of online magazines that she freelances for. Arathi was an obvious choice as a guest blogger for the month of August. And I am very excited to have her over at my space, to write about things that are getting on her nerves right now.

Introducing, Arathi, of 'Love, Miffalicious' for 'dip-tea'!

Pet peeves, ahoy!
Written by: Arathi Devandran of Love, Miffalicious.

So, my lovely friend Dip-tea, has asked me to write a guest post on her blog, and it took me a long while to figure out what exactly I wanted to share with you guys here. But before that, a big thank you to Miss D for giving me this chance; much, much love to her!

After much thought, I’ve decided to share with you guys some of my biggest pet peeves with regards to blogging. I’ve been an avid blog reader for as long as I have been a blogger (for more than five years now) and there have been several things that I’ve seen in blogs, which really rub me the wrong way. 

And here we have it, the top five pet peeves!

#5 – Clutter : a blog layout with too many colours, too many icons, too many itsy bitsy things flying around in the name of web accessories…thank you, but no thank you. Clutter takes away focus from the actual blog content, and sometimes can be quite the eyesore. Simplicity is key, ladies and gents!

#4 – Outfit pictures without head-shots : I can completely understand the whole ‘camera shy’ thing going on with outfit bloggers. But at the same time, it can get very frustrating when you see pictures without the face of the outfit blogger, over and over. Not to mention the fact that it affects the whole aesthetic appeal of the blog as well.

#3 –  Spam-bam: Right so this is not directly relevant to blogs, but to the social media pages that bloggers set up to promote their work. Promotion is all fine and dandy, until it becomes spam. There is absolutely no need for you to post your latest post link on every single medium that you have, five times an hour. Please calm down. You’d be surprised how effective strategic promotion can be.

#2 – Where’s your About page? : If I don’t see an about page when I first visit a blog, my enthusiasm to check out the blog drops by several notches. And this is not a gross exaggeration. For me, blogging is a personal experience, and one I like to share with my readers. Although there’s no need for the whole BFF vibe to be going down on your blog, it would be nice to see a short and sweet introduction.

#1 – Grammar: Probably my biggest pet peeve of all time. I will never understand how bloggers do not see the need to do a quick spell check before they publish posts. It also takes about a minute to read through what you’ve written and to see if a sentence makes sense, or whether basic grammar rules have been adhered to. You can have the most beautiful pictures in the world, people, but if you’re writing in a language only you understand, very few readers are going to appreciate your posts.

And there you have it. 5 things which ruffle my feathers like no other. What are some of YOUR pet peeves when it comes to blogging? And how do you deal with ‘em? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! 


  1. Great post ladies. You guys already know ALL my pet peeves ;)

    ∞ © ∞

  2. Great Post! And beautiful dress!!!

    Best regards
    Andi Smith

  3. Awesome post. And love that dress Arathi! So cute!


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