Lunch at CRAVE

Since I have been in Minneapolis, incredible things have been happening to me. Case in point, my lunch date with Shil at CRAVE.

Most weekdays I am hanging out at Starbucks in Downtown Minneapolis. On one such day, I tweeted about being here and immediately received a tweet from @CRAVEevents telling me that they are giving away FREE LUNCHES in their downtown location. Being a food lover that I am, I immediately registered.

I had heard a lot about CRAVE since I got here. Most friends have spoken highly of this place and even though I have been to their rooftop lounge before, I have not had their food then. FYI, their lounge is ten kinds of cool. That's where we hung out on our girl's night out last Friday before we hit the clubs.

Late in the evening, I get this:

And I jumped and skipped and tumbled. I swear, I tumbled. Here is this restaurant which I wanted to desperately visit on this trip, and they invite me for a FREE lunch! How cool is that!

I like the idea of their '45 Minute Power Lunch'. Sometimes on weekdays, all we want to do is have a sit-down lunch instead of a to-go lunch and not subject our poor tongues with food court food or settle for a measly piece of sandwich. Okay, we are crushed for time on work days. This is where a 45 Minute Power Lunch comes to our rescue. And trust me, when I tell you this, you do not have to sacrifice on taste or portion size at  CRAVE.

Shil's Caprese Flatbread
Our cute as a button server, Nikki. 
Tenderloin French Dip Sandwich for me.
Me and TJ McLeod (Director of Social Media for CRAVE), the man who made this wonderful lunch happen.
The 45 Minute Power Lunch Menu.
The Caprese Flatbread, was thin, crispy and the flavor was perfect. My tenderloin sandwich was so good, I got rid of the bread and started dunking the juicy beef in the French dipping sauce. My manners around amazing food is like your next door neighbor's slobbering bull mastiff on a regular day.

All in all our experience at CRAVE was incredible. Shil couldn't stop saying 'awesome' repeatedly. I couldn't stop taking pictures, the staff were helpful, sweet and Misty Saxton, the General Manager of CRAVE spent some time talking with us.

We will definitely be visiting this place again!


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