Spreading Smiles

Something insanely amazing happened. An epiphany if you may.

Most of you know that I am in Minneapolis right now. 

Over the weekend, Shil, the little one and I, we went to Sam's Club. While Shil was shopping, me and the little guy roamed around, eating free samples and talking about the various benefits of drinking water. Suffice to say the little guy wanted to use the restroom after our intense water based conversation.

As soon as we reached the restroom, the little guy turned to me and said, "DT aunty, you stay right here, while I do my business." So like an obedient aunt that I was, I stayed where he told me to. I tapped my leopard print loafer clad right feet and waited impatiently. Five minutes passed and I realized he was most definitely not doing number one.

After some time, I noticed something strange. All the snobby/crabby people (they wouldn't return my smile!) who walked in to the restroom, came out grinning. Happier. Could emptying your bladder really make you this happy? It could. I feel happy, more relaxed after I do my deed. I dismissed the thought. For the time being.

A Sam's Club employee who had been in the men's room for a couple of minutes walked out, looked at me, smiled and said, "Someone is singing a happy song in there!" It all clicked right then. The annoyed people coming out of the restroom, not so annoyed anymore. I started laughing out loud (LOL in layman terms) and replied, "He does love to sing in the John!"

I felt proud of my nephew then. He has this amazing ability to suck the negative out of you. And he does it without trying. He spreads smiles. 

This got me thinking, okay, he has an upper hand, because well, he is a 6 year old who is insanely cute. People will respond to him differently. They wouldn't want a 25 something girl (there, I said it) singing out loud, while she is doing her business, now will they? I don't think people will appreciate that. But we can try. We can spread smiles too, in grown up ways. Pay for the next person's coffee. Appreciate. Compliment. Flash a big toothy grin. Be contagious with your good deeds. If you think you are having a bad day, silence is golden. Do not, I repeat, do not spew your venom on unsuspecting victims, they have done no wrong to you. 

After Shil paid the bill and we were pushing the cart towards the exit, one of the female Sam's Club employees (who I had seen at the rest-room earlier) looked at me and then at the little guy, and asked, "Is this the hot stuff who was singing in the rest-room?" Little one blushed and me and Shil burst out laughing. His voice had traveled from the men's rest-room to the women's rest-room next door.


  1. That is a lovely story!! True, it's a lot more challenging for adults to spread smiles, that too for a woman especially in a country like India!!

  2. Oh Dips, I am SO SO SO GLAD to see you writing beautiful tales like this. THIS is what true blogging is, and it makes me so proud and happy to read this. You're beautiful, and so's the little one.

    Love, Miffalicious. [www.miffalicious.com]

  3. Such a lovely smiling story Dips :) And lots of love and kisses to the young one!

  4. thank you for sharing this story! It touched my heart :)

  5. What a great little piece. I have to agree, you're nephew is insanely cute- the smile is very fitting to the story :) ✧ Shubana
    Love, Shushu


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