Which one is better?

Finally! First outfit post in my new haircut! *cue applause*

{Tank top, borrowed from my SIL,
LOFT Skirt ($15)
Audrey Brooke color-block heels via DSW ($30)
Leopard print loafers from Target ($20)
Rainbow arm bangles c/o Crazy&Co.}

As you can see, my middle name is dance-y. Big surprise there. I have been temporarily off the blogging scene since I have had my hands full with my two hyper-active nephews and been involved in lots of road-trips and insane travels with  my sis-in-law and the boys! I wore these amazing heels (remember them from the poll I conducted a couple of months ago?) for the outfit post and changed into my flats on our day out at Chicago. My question for you is, which outfit did you like better? The one with the match-y heels or the one where I am wearing leopard print loafers? 

Which outfit do you like better?

Also, how cool is the Crazy&Co. neon colorful bangle set that Tanvi sent me! Thank you so much love for the amazing gift! I  have been wearing them to the pool, the beach, to Chicago, and basically every chance I get!

REMINDER: Two more days till the awesome Crazy&Co. giveaway closes! Have you entered yet?

**I am blogging from Minnesota right now, my sis-in-law is my photographer for the next couple of weeks. And as you can see, she is as talented as her brother when taking my outfit pictures!


  1. The haircut looks so good on you!!! Love the outfit with heels, but flats are cool too. Comfort first! :)

    ∞ © tanvii.com ∞

  2. After reading the title, I thought the comparison question would be in the hairstyles..! But I sure do love your new hair and the first pic :)

  3. nice post.

  4. Finally, a post with your new hairstyle! Love both the ways you've worn the outfit. But have to say, leopard loafers are gorgeous!

    ❤ A Pretty Little Mess


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