5 Things

1. You are entitled to your opinion the very same way I am entitled to what I can or cannot eat/wear/say/do.

2. If girls don't stand up for girls, I don't know who will. Be a better mother, sister, friend, girlfriend, confidant, grandmother, mother-in-law. Set an example. Be a role model.

3.Moms. Please give yourself a break. I know that you want to do right by your child and sometimes you go overboard with it. But it's okay if you slip up once in a while. You are human after all. And do take a spa day. Because you deserve it. This amazing video by mothers for mothers proves my point.

4. WE ARE MOVING! I think change is cleansing. Mostly furniture wise.

5. Got involved with a very fun Indian Fashion Bloggers project called October with InFB on Instagram. Met a bunch of amazing girls. If you are interested to join in the fun InFB is doing #novwithinfb this month. So create an Instagram account if you don't have one and follow @infb and if you want @diptea (that's me!) and join in the fun. You don't have to be a blogger to get involved in the challenge!

AND NOW FINALLY AN OUTFIT POST! I forgot my camera's memory card back home so we had to make do with my cell phone to take pictures. They are not the best resolution, but I had made up my mind of doing an outfit post today. So ta-da!

{Talbots blazer
Parasuco denim
Nine West nude heels
Urban Outfitters tank
Vintage clutch}


  1. Quite like the look. :) But you could have done without the necklace, methinks. Because the simplicity of the colour palette is quite overpowering on its own. Just a thought.
    And happy Diwali, by the way!


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