Hey guys,

What are you up to these days? We have finally moved to New Jersey and slowly settling down. We are all still pretty tired and sore, although things have been good so far.  It's beautiful where we live and this new place has been a constant source of inspiration. 

Which brings me to this post. InFB (Indian Fashion Bloggers) had hosted a fun monthly Instagram challenge starting October. When a group of fantastic women get together it is a blast! Crazy & Co. being a generous sponsor gave away this beautiful necklace to the most popular (by vote) feed and your's truly, WON!

Posted below are some of the pictures from my last month's feed. If you are not on Instagram please so join. And if you are in Instagram, look up diptea and you will be updated with my day to day doings and my modest attempt at micro-blogging.

Browse through, join in and comment please!


  1. It was all nice. I even got some explanation i didn't expect. Keep it up guys.



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