A Pop of Yellow

Happy December you guys! And to celebrate this very lame fact, a proper outfit post, finally. Applause! Here you will find the mandatory four pictures in candid, yet done on purpose poses. Where each item of clothing will be tagged with the names of their respective brands.

Truth be told, this self obsessed, vanity driven blog has been really good to my self esteem lately, especially post baby. Whatchumacallit, I am a better looking mom than I was when only a married woman.

Talking about self obsession, I had a recent conversation with my little one about the same. His very first lesson in vanity happened this week. This is how it went,

(cue flash back music)
ME: They say you look like me. And you are really cute. That means I am cute too.
VEDH: *sticks his tongue out and makes fart sounds with his mouth*

I think he got it.

{Max Studio Leather Jacket
Target sweatshirt
Aeropostale yellow tee
Talbot Jeans
Tommy Hilfiger Lace-up boots
Ray-Ban Wayfarers
Steve Madden hold-all}

This is how I have been dressing up lately. Nowadays, I am always on the move and I have to dress up and dash out at a moment's notice. It's easy, with no worry of spit ups showing through, because I always wear a sweatshirt or sweater over my food covered tee. Plus it hides my muffin top very well, except for maybe in the last pictures where I forgot to suck my stomach in. But I liked my face in it so up on the blog it goes.

How have you been battling these extreme cold winters these days? I hug BCB every chance I get. If you are one of those people who did not get the BCB reference, you can in hi-def HERE.


  1. Love the leather jacket! A little post pregnancy fat is always good. It's the charm of being a new mommy I guess. Not that I would know, I'm not even married yet!


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